Three Arrested at LGBTQIA March in Downtown St. Louis

Activist from the LGBTQIA community in Missouri marched through Downtown St. Louis in response to the Republican sponsored Senate Bill 98 also known as the Bathroom Bill. It would ban transgender students in K-12 schools from using a bathroom of their choice. This is after President Trump rolled back federal protections for transgender students put in place by the Obama administration.

Several hundred people participated, and the event was mostly peaceful. The march went through the streets of Downtown, into America’s Center convention center, blocked traffic on the Eades Bridge, and finished at the Justice Center after three activists were arrested after altercations with police near the Old Courthouse.

Protesters gather in front of Union Station for a rally before the LGBTQIA march, a man holds a signs that says “Proud Father of My Queer Child”.
Protesters gather in front of Union Station for a rally before the LGBTQIA march.
Protesters carry a banner that says “Revolution Not a Parade” in front of Union Station in Downtown St. Louis.
Protesters wait for the march to begin on Market Street as trans rights activist Amy Jade leads chants.
An activist who emceed the rally before the march uses a megaphone to introduce speakers.
A street medic carries a transgender pride flag as the march moves down Market Street.
A protester chants while carrying a sign that says “Black Trans Lives Fucking Matter”.
A protester sign reads “Fuck Your Transphobic Religion”.
Police watch the march pass by on Market Street near St. Louis City Hall.
A protester carries a sign that says “I’m Not Paid – I’m Pissed”.
Protesters hold signs on the steps of the Old Courthouse as the march moves onto 4th Street.
The march passes through traffic at the front of the Old Courthouse on 4th Street.
Protesters carry a banner near the front of the march.
Protesters try to stop a car from diving out of the demonstration in front of the Old Courthouse in Downtown St. Louis.
Protesters carry signs that say resist with the Gateway arch.
Protesters hold the intersection of 4th Street and Washington Avenue.
Protesters march through America’s Center, a convention center on Washington Avenue, after rushing past security guards.
A security guard tries to lock some protesters in a lobby after they get by him, and the protesters push back, trying to force the door open.
St. Louis police move protesters into a main lobby of America’s Center, cutting them off from the rest of the building.
Protesters block traffic on the Eades Bridge for several minutes after leaving the convention center.
The driver in a truck leaving Mardi Gras raises his fist in support of the protesters as they march the opposite direction on 4th Street.
Protesters stand in the street in front of the Gateway Arch as organizers try to make an announcement.
Bicycle police move into a group protesters who surrounded a police SUV after a protesters has been arrested.
Police push a protester into a bike as they try to clear the way for a police SUV to leave the area.
Two police officers tackle protesters who tried to pull out someone who was being arrested after an altercation.
Two police officers tackle protesters who tried to pull out someone who was being arrested after an altercation.
A man who was frustrated with the protesters blocking traffic throws water on people standing in front of his car.

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