Protests in Washington D.C. – DNC Headquarters and DeploraBall

Yesterday was my first day in Washington D.C., and I started the day by going to a Green Party protest of the DNC near the Capitol. Later on that night I went to a protest of the DeploraBall, where hundreds protested the alt-right event. The second protest became violent with assaults, a smashed police motorcycle, and small fires in the street in front of the National Press Club.  


One of the wheat paste posters that have been put up in Washington D.C. before the Donald Trump’s inauguration.
A Donald Trump supporter protests in front of Capitol Hill one day before the Inauguration.
Fencing put along the perimeter of the Capitol building before Donald Trump’s Inauguration.
A man dressed in American attire poses for pictures outside of the Capitol Building.
Green Party protesters marched to the Democratic National Headquarters with a large sign that says Betrayal, accusing the party of causing the rise of Donald Trump.
Green Party protesters chant at the DNC Headquarters.
Mirror signs made by protesters that blame democrats for Trump winning the Presidency.
Antifascist protesters outside of the Deplora Ball.
Protesters steal a Trump supporter’s hat and set it on fire across the street from the National Press Club.
A protester sets an American flag on fire in front of the National Press Club.
A man leaving the DeploraBall has his mouth bloodied from being punched by protesters.
Protesters project messages on the side of the National Press Club during the DeploraBall.
A woman uses a fire in the street to light a sign.
A protester walks around with a sign on fire in front of the National Press Club.
A man leaving the DeploraBall bleeds from the back of his head after getting hit with a wooden flagpole by a protester.
Riot police line up at the end of the street as fires are lit and fights break out at the protest to the DeploraBall.
Riot police stand in front of the Warner Theatre after protesters chased a Trump supporter there.
The protest in front of the National Press Club and smoke rising from the fire in the street.
A Trump supporter has a cut on his head from being hit by a protester.
A police officer with a pepper spray gun is hit with a plant pulled out of a hanging pot during the DeploraBall protest.
A burned Make America Great Again hat sits where a large fire was set in front of the National Press Club.
A man in a Trump sombrero stops at a street vendor to buy some President Trump merchandise.
After the protest anarchists march through the streets of Downtown Washington D.C.


Police guard the entrance to the National Press Club as hundreds protested the Deplora Ball.
Antifascist protesters outside of the DeploraBall.


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