Choir Vandals in Nashville – Photo Essay

In August I went with Choir Vandals to Nashville to film something that may come out next year while they recorded a new album. Check out a music video I made for them earlier this year at the bottom of the page. 

5g1a0992-2 5g1a1031 5g1a1052 5g1a1069 5g1a1082 5g1a1136 5g1a1305 5g1a1327 5g1a1329 5g1a1333 5g1a1338 5g1a1339 5g1a1340 5g1a1347 5g1a1379 5g1a1450 5g1a1479 5g1a1578 5g1a1598 5g1a1620 5g1a1642 5g1a1686 5g1a1754 5g1a1795 5g1a1811 5g1a1826 5g1a1954 5g1a1987 5g1a1992 5g1a19975g1a1966 5g1a2012 5g1a2030



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