Election Day 2016 in Missouri

Election Over

I went to Yaqui’s on Cherokee Street, Brennan’s in the Central West End, and the Chase Park Plaza after Koster conceded to Greitens. I’ll update with more info after I sleep.

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Polls Close

The last voters at Concordia Turners in South St. Louis fill out their ballots as the polls prepare to close at 7 PM.
Electioneering laws posted outside of the Concordia Turners building in South St. Louis.


Afternoon Voting

The Central Library being used as the Downtown St. Louis polling place.
A small line to vote at the Central Library in Downtown St. Louis, MO.

Why I tweeted this : 

115.409. Except election authority personnel, election judges, watchers and challengers appointed pursuant to section 115.105or 115.107, law enforcement officials at the request of election officials or in the line of duty, minor children under the age of eighteen accompanying an adult who is in the process of voting, international observers who have registered as such with the election authority, persons designated by the election authority to administer a simulated youth election for persons ineligible to vote because of their age, members of the news media who present identification satisfactory to the election judges and who are present only for the purpose of bona fide news coverage except as provided in subdivision (18) of section 115.637, provided that such coverage does not disclose how any voter cast the voter’s ballot on any question or candidate or in the case of a primary election on which party ballot they voted or does not interfere with the general conduct of the election as determined by the election judges or election authority, and registered voters who are eligible to vote at the polling place, no person shall be admitted to a polling place.

Morning Voting

Inside the Elks Lodge #2651 in St. Clair, MO that is being used as a polling station for rural residents.
Vietnam veteran Tom Whaley holds his Trump sign on an I-44 overpass in Webster Groves, MO. He has been doing this almost every day for the past three weeks leading up to the election.
Vietnam veteran Tom Whaley holds his Trump sign on an I-44 overpass in Webster Groves, MO.

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