Beme is Trying to Bring Honesty to Social Media


No, I can’t give you a code. Just give it some time and you will be in the app soon, I think. If you don’t know what I’m talking about keep reading.

A new app created by filmmaker Casey Neistat called Beme has launched for iPhone and it is slightly different than any other video sharing app that you are using now. It uses the proximity sensor on the front of your phone to activate the camera, takes a four second video, and posts it for users who follow you to watch once. It is meant to give authenticity in social media by not allowing users to review or edit what they capture before it is posted. It also keeps you concentrated on the experience that is happening around you, not on a video that is on your phone’s screen.

After using the app for a day I can say it is not what I was expecting from watching Casey’s vlogs on youtube for the past few months. It is getting an update this week, but for now there are a couple of things that it could improve.

First is saving the content you create in the app. Maybe this is only frustrating to me because I am a photographer, but if you capture something that looks great, you can’t save it. The other problem is who to follow. Right now you and other usernames will come into a random user’s feed with your location and an option to follow. This could be a good way to find new people, but there is a learning curve to making your videos interesting. Right now a lot of the videos in my feed look like your friend’s snapchat story you never watch because you know it will be boring.

Also, don’t shoot all of your videos with your phone on your chest. Using your finger, thumb, or head and pointing your phone at something rather than the direction of a scene will make your videos look much better.

Beme is not going to be replacing any of your other apps yet. It is a new experience and if it is tweaked a little, it could be around for a long time.

If you were lucky enough to get a code add me on beme: forcexquit

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