Ferguson Day 1 – August 14

Ferguson Day 1 – August 14

I started this blog to show where I was and what I was doing on my trip I took in July and August through the east coast. I never did that because I’m lazy and was having some trouble along the way. For now this will basically be a day by day recap of what I saw and experienced during the time I have spent in Ferguson, MO so far. I should have al the days done by tomorrow because I’m going to make most of these brief with just the highlights of each day I was there.

It was the first day where my friends Dane, Josh, and I were filming and taking pictures in Ferguson, and it was the day after there were live feeds and broadcasts showing police gassing the press. There was a more relaxed feeling than I expected, although the scene was chaotic, from there being a very small and not militarized police presence on W. Florissant. This was a new tactic used by the MO State Troopers under Captain Ronald Johnson, and it seemed to have a positive but short lived effect on the protest.


As the hours went on the mood was changing from protest to almost feeling like a block party. People were still chanting “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” and marching down the street, but that slowly turned into cars burning out and loud music in every direction into the early morning. Even I joined in and got a ride back to my car on top of a Saturn.